Board Of Directors

Catherine Canady

Catherine has spent her whole life in North Philadelphia. Her parents were originally from Georgia. Her mother took in all the stray kids in the neighborhood so they would have a safe place to stay because crack was beginning to be a serious problem among young women when she was a child.

When she was 9, she was raped by her family's landlord, who threatened to kill her mother if she told anyone about what had happened. She had been raised to believe she was good and deserved love.

But she was angry and started using drugs to make the hurt and fear go away. She began turning tricks and eventually became a very successful hooker even though she had frequent fights and run-ins with the police.

She was so angry that when a client was willing to be tied up, she would rape them with some object and leave them to be found like that and feel the humiliation she felt when she was raped.

Catherine eventually got straight and has been working in shelters for the past 25 years. She has many certifications in her field and is working on her bachelors in health care administration.

Catherine will be the director of the Geneva Leaks Woman's shelter, which is named after her mother, after it opens.

Donna Warren

Donna Warren is the co-founder of The Living Without Lies Foundation, the owner of DPW Enterprises which provides web design and copy writing services to both businesses and individuals, and a college professor who teaches computer networking as an adjunct professor at two colleges in the greater Philadelphia area.

Donna considers her greatest achievement to be raising two sons that are good, decent men who are independent, self-supporting, contributing members of society.

Donna's quit school at 16 and got married. Her first career was as a criminal. She had developed both a drug and alcohol problem. She eventually killed her abusive first husband and was charged with first degree murder. Her case was non-suited with prejudice and she was released. It took her several years to straighten out her life.

After 25 years of being afraid that someone would find out about her background, she wrote and published her autobiography and created a self- help program based on what she had to do to straighten out her life called the “Living Without Lies Program”.

In 2014, Donna met her co-founder, Catherine Candy, also a former drug addict and child rape victim. The two hit it off immediately and over time became best friends. In 2015, they created The Living Without Lies Foundation, which is a 501c3 tax exempt nonprofit corporation. Their first project is to open a woman’s shelter in North Philadelphia whose target population is recently incarnated women who were sexually abused under the age of 15, although they will not turn away anyone.

Both women feel that they are blessed and want to give back because they got to where they are with the help of God and a lot of good people.

Kimberley Reichenbach

Kim is a behaviour change agent with over 10 years experience working with criminal justice reentry programs with supervisory, program and policy evaluation experience.

She currently serves as the program manager for a parole reentry program in Lancaster Pennsylvania. She, along with Pat will help develop individual programs for our clients based on their vast practical experience

She brings a wealth of practical knowledge about what it takes to help our target population, recently incarcerated women to become independent, self reliant, contributing members of society.


Jeanne Anderson

Jeanne is a former New Jersey Prosecutor who currently teaches Criminal Justice at a Philadelphia area college. She became a member of of the New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania Bar in the late 1980s.

Jeanne provides the foundation with her vast knowledge of the criminal justice system and has first hand experience about how women suffer when they enter the criminal justice stem. She also has a background in finance which will prove valuable in helping the board make financial decisions.

She is married and lives in New Jersey. She has served as a committee member for both the local Boy Scouts and the Mount Laurel Zoning Board. Like all of our board members, she wants to give back to the community and help other women travel the path to a new and better life.

Patricia Ervin

Patricia is a licensed clinical social worker and substance abuse counslor who has worked in the prison system her entire career. She lives in New Jersey with her husband.

Pat has also worked in juvenal facilities that help incarcerated youth to rejoin society as adults giving them a second chance at life.

Pat also runs a group for survivors of rape. She will use her extensive experience to recommend individual programs for each client to give them the best chance at straightening out their life.

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