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Radio for Professionals Round Table - 2016

June 6, 2016 interview with Maureen Bynam

June 17, 2016 interview with Cheekas7

June 27, 2016 interview with Stephanie Mitchell

June 29, 2016 interview with Christopher Celery

August 7, 2016 interview with Michael David

Videos - 2015

This video was made in January 2015 shortly after we decided to to open the Geneva Leaks Women's Shelter. We did not receive our 501c3 non-profit corporation designation until February 2015.

Women's Radio News Network - 2015

KC armstrong

Donna has interviewed several times with KC Armstrong, host of the Keeping It Real and KC After Dark on the Woman's Radio Network.

In her first interview she presents a synopsis of her story and shares a little of her opinions on how to live a successful life

Donna's Story Part 1 (8-6-2015)


If you want to read the entire story Click on the picture on the left to buy her autobiography

Donna won the Women's Radio Network Inspirational Women Of The Year in 2014. This is her interview after winning it. It picks up where she left off in the first interview. and begins to discuss how she started to change her life.

Donna's Story Part 2 (8-20-2015)

The next interview covers what having a background like hers can affect living a reasonably happy and successful life.

Donna's Story Part 3 (9-19-2015)

This interview talks more about the domestic violence she suffered and what she had to do to start changing her life.

Donna's Story Part 4 (10-3-2015)

This interview continues the discussion of how to create a successful life using the Living Without Lies Program

Donna's Story Part 5 (10-24-2015)

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