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Our Mission 

To provide shelter to women from age 19 to 90 and services to help them to reenter society as independent, self-supporting, contributing members of society.

Our History

Catherine and Donna met in 2012 and became friends partly due to their similar, but different backgrounds. Both had been raped as young girls, Catherine at age 9 and Donna at age 11.

Both developed problems as a result of their experience. But they reacted very differently. 

Catherine had been raised to believe she was a good person who deserved to be loved. Her rapist was her family's landlord who threatened to kill her mother if she told anyone. Catherine got angry and she knew that her childhood was over. She began acting out, got involved with drugs, crime and eventually became a hooker. She was arrested many times. Her anger led her to soliciting men and if they were willing to be tied up, she would rape them and leave them to be found tied up in that position  which is the ultimate humiliation for a man.

On the other hand, Donna's childhood convinced her that she was a waste of oxygen, bad and deserved anything that happened to her. Her rapist was a stranger who grabbed her off the street. Her mother insisted that they call the police. The ordeal of the rape becoming public knowledge lead to problems with neighbors and the physical exam just reinforced her belief that she deserved everything that happened to her. She acted out. Was expelled from four different schools and finally quit school and got married at 16 to a violent, abusive man. She got into drugs and alcohol, suffered severe mental, physical and sexual abuse from her husband until she finally killed him.

Eventually both women got clean and began to rebuild their lives. Both have been clean and straight for more than 20 years. Both are grateful for the lives they have today and wanted to give back and help other women avoid having to sink to the depths they did.

Donna had already written an autobiography and started a program called Living Without Lies. Catherine had been working in shelters for over 20 years. The Living Without Lies Foundation is the result of them joining forces to help others.

Our Projects

Our first project is the Geneva Leaks Women's Shelter located in North Philadelphia. Many of the homeless women today have been sexually abused as children and/or teenagers. Usually these women end up with alcohol and drug problems. They frequently get involved in prostitution or other criminal activities eventually ending up incarcerated. Our Services, many of which are not currently available anywhere else in the country, are geared for this specific demographic. However, they will help any woman who wants to create a better life for herself.

Our  Board

Both women knew they needed good people who had expertise in the areas they didn't. So they recruited three other board members:

1. Kimberly Reichenbach, a social worker and professor of criminal justice
2. Jeanne Anderson, a lawyer, former prosecutor and criminal justice professor
3. Patricia Ervin, a licensed psychologist who has worked with juveniles and adults     in the prison system for her entire career

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Geneva Leaks Women's Shelter

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